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Written by Dr. Georgia Kourtesi-Philippaki




The first excavation season in Tell Nader produced 2.979 lithics with a total weight of 32.2 kg. The raw materials mainly used for the production of the lithic tools were flint (94%, i.e. ca. 2.800 finds in total) and obsidian (2.28%, i.e. 68 finds. An untrimmed stone and also a flake were produced in quartz.

Several varieties of flint of many different colors were used. From the technological point of view there is evidence of all stages of the reduction sequence (chaine operatoire), since the finds include many cores, flakes, blades and waste. The flint tools are relatively few, in relation to the volume of lithic debitage. There is a tendency to use blades as blanks. We also find a certain type of borers.

The examination of a sample of obsidian finds from the 2011 excavation season showed the existence of two stone types: a black opaque obsidian and also an almost entirely transparent greyish one. Both varieties were used for the production of blades, in most part with the pressure flaking method. Among the finds are also two cores, which are very suitable for the production of micro-blades. Micro-blades, as well as cores, make up a significant percentage of the total count of the lithic products. Some blades show traces of use, while one obsidian blade has a deniculate edge.